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AgileVoice - Open Source VoIP Billing Software

AgileVoice empowers your company with all the features you need for automating the billing and provisioning for your VoIP operation:

  • Broadband Residential and Business Phone
  • PC to Phone
  • Wholesale (termination/origination)
  • Traffic Exchange
  • IP Centrex
  • Prepaid and Postpaid VoIP Billing

AgileVoice is the ultimate "agile" VoIP billing and provisioning application for VoIP providers, as it will expand to fit your needs - no matter how small your business is or how large it becomes. AgileVoice supports both Postpaid VoIP Billing and Prepaid VoIP Billing for a number of softswitch options.

VoIP Billing Scalability and Redundancy

AgileVoice was designed with carrier grade customers in mind. As such, AgileVoice scales to up many systems, down to a single all-in-one system.

Our VoIP Billing platform will allow you to sell advanced features and maintain high-availability, without the need to take on complex and daunting source code changes and configuration files.

AgileVoice is not limited to VoIP billing and provisioning — it can handle any service requiring both billing and provisioning such as: web hosting, digital goods, or even ad-hoc/time billing. AgileVoice is built on the modular AgileBill billing platform which is currently in use by many businesses for a wide array of billing and provisioning applications.

Optional modules can be purchased and quickly installed with any live copy of AgileVoice; allowing you to quickly add new features at any time.

Please contact us today for more details - we are sure our VoIP billing and provisioning software will fit your current needs and budget and scale as your business grows.

Key VoIP Billing Features & Benefits

Flat rate and/or usage based rating with support for Destination based rating, Local Area based rating using defined local NPA/NXXs, In-network based rating (allowing rating customer to customer calling) Also supports minimums, maximums, and combining of previous calls to support complex rating schemas.

Flexible Billing Increments — can bill 30/6, 30/1, 0/60, etc.

Web based Administration of softswitch Configurations

  • View and Edit softswitch user configurations
  • View and Edit DID routing features
  • View and Search CDR records
  • View and Search Fax records
  • View and Search Voicemail records
  • View and Edit Available VoIP Services and Prices

Auto-provisioning of user account configurations - Based on AgileVoice configurations, customers' newly purchased services are automatically provisioned and customizable email notices are sent with the authentication records.

DID pool management and provisioning - Automatic assignment of user selectable DID choices. Admin interface supports entering numbers for number porting. Supports import/export capabilities. Can purchase a support contract for integration with third-party DID suppliers.

DID pool plugins - AgileVoice can be extended with plugins that interfaces with your DID provider in realtime.

Web-based Customer Self Care and Signup area.

Multi-currency and Multi-lingual support.

VoIP Billing and Provisioning Client Features

AgileVoice comes in two tiers - Standard and Professional.

The AgileVoice Standard version includes:

  • Client Overview page with the last 25 incoming and outgoing calls
  • Client Activity page with access to all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Client Voicemail management center
  • Client Account area for Invoice payment and review,
  • Client self-ordering cart/checkout features
  • Client Service self administration for upgrades and downgrades
  • Client newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe

The AgileVoice Professional version adds the following functionality, when supported by the softswitch:

  • Client Fax management center
  • Client call forwarding administration
  • Client busy call forwarding administration
  • Client remote call forwarding configuration
  • Client center for blacklisting of callers
  • Client failover number setup
  • Calling Name and Number Display (with add-on monthly service from our ISP partner)
  • Client Conference provisioning (with optional time limiting for prepaid applications)

Both the Standard and Professional versions include the full postpaid billing featureset. The Prepaid VoIP Billing functionality can be added on as an optional feature to either version.

VoIP Billing Feature Support

Bi-yearly, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and anniversary billing cycles

Support for more than 40 gateways and payment processors.

Credit Card Clearing

Automatic provisioning based on customer billing outcome, or ability wait for staff review

Secure — Uses a proprietary combination of RSA and RC4 encryption to protect sensitive billing details.

Affiliates — Commissioning and Affiliate self care module available as an add-on

Customizing AgileVoice

Customizable appearance — You are the boss, control every aspect of the client interface by editing HTML templates.

Open Source Code — 95% of our proprietary code is open.

Custom PDF Invoices — PHP class for easily manipulating and customizing the printable invoice sent to your customers for your VoIP billing.

Open Source

As of Thanksgiving 2008, AgileVoice has been released as open source. For more details and downloads, read here.

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